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Chocolate Mousse

Time to prepare: 10 minutes
Difficulty: Very Easy
Utensils: Blender / Stick blender / Masher, bowl for mixture
Adaptable: Yes
Vegetarian: Yes
Vegan: Yes
Dish origin: Amazon region

  • Avocado, small, 1 per person
  • Banana (pick your favorite), 2 per person
  • Soy-milk (or plant milk of choice) or water, 2-5 tbsp depending on desired texture
  • Pure cacao powder, 1 tsp per person
  • Cinnamon, 1/4 tsp per person
  • Sesame seeds, topping
  • Banana slices, topping

Peel avocado and bananas and place them together with cacao powder and cinnamon in the blender. If using a stick blender or masher, then place everything in a bowl and mash/blend. Gradually add the water or soy milk until the mixture starts to become homogenous. Serve in a small bowl with sesame seeds and some banana slices as a topping. Ā